STAND - 2017/18 Print Subscription

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New print subscriptions are now open!

There are two options for UK residents, and prices for our mates overseas. Please click the option that applies to you.

For the standard £15 rate, you will receive all five issues that we'll get out across the 2017/18 football season. In terms of issue numbers, this will start at Issue 24 and run to Issue 28.

Issue 23 is included in the existing 2016/17 subscription that a lot of you still have running over from last season. We owe you that one!

Therefore, if you missed out on last season's sub, there is an £18 rate that will give you Issue 23 plus the five covered in the 2017/18 deal.

Paying £15, or £18 means you'll get each issue for the standard cover price...the postage is effectively free, like if we were standing out in the rain outside a ground selling it to you face to face!

We have also frozen the rates for those overseas. For you guys, there's an EU rate, plus a Rest of the World option.